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A Sunday Solo Ride.

A Sunday Solo Ride.

Postby Poovanna KS » Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:38 am

A solo ride on a sunday morning was meant to explore the outskirts of Bangalore. On this day the 13th of may 2012, i completed an amazing 10 years of experience with my bike.So thought of "A long solo ride", not to forget a ride to an unknown destination. Well that’s sounds quite weird, but trust me, you should try it once, am sure you guys will love it.

Thought i'lll share this unique experience with you guys and decided to write this. Well, here it goes...

Time: 0730 hrs on a Sunday morning
Destination: Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Bike Used: RX 135

The thought that it was a beautiful sunday morning, i was all prepared for this interesting and
unusual ride.

Wondering which way to go...!the most confused few seconds of the ride,was in no mood to
do something stupid. I decided to take the KR Puram Road starting from the famous Hanging
Bridge towards Hoskote on the Highway. It was an amazing experience where i took the
road i wanted, rather than have a predetermined route. Try this sometime, am sure you'll love it.

Of course it goes with out saying "My bike" - a 2002 Model RX 135 4 Speed 2 Stroke.
An epic bike that Yamaha had launched in India that drove youngsters of 80’s and 90’s to go
crazy. The launch of RX 100 model was a sucess not doubt, along came a lot of expectations
from the customers, which they managed to match the performance of its predecessor.

Most importantly, some basic safety precautions which I always follow on all my rides.
No matter how good a rider you are,safety is a must and should be a part of every ride.
You never whats in store a few meters ahead of you.!!!!!!

Coming to the roads,some were a pleasure to ride on, with this 2 Stroke Single Cylinder
bike, producing about 14bhp, this Machine gives enough Torque and Power that you need
for these lanes. The road grip and the control of the machine are also pretty impressive
considering the 110kg weight of this Bike.

Where there is pleasure there has to be pain, some roads not very pleasing, but still the
Telescopic Swinging Arm Suspension (the Japanese technology of the 80’s) makes it a
pretty smooth ride through these roads, even to this day after 3 decades.

Always wanted a picture on an empty road, it was next to impossible
as the roads in and around Bangalore are never so empty during daylight. On this ride
I managed to take a picture so perfect, after 15min struggle with my camera and the
vehicles passing by.

My Only companion for the ride, the 'ipod nano'. We three make an awesome combination
for most the things, starting from my Rides to the weekend Bike Wash.

Finally,bthe Best Moment of the ride.

After a 2.5 hr ride, I finally managed to figure out the Location.

Time: 1000 hrs.
Destination: A 17th Century ‘Devanahalli Fort’.
Distance: About 100kms (it was a little more as the Location was not intended)

Devanahalli Fort on the Bangalore - Hyderabad Highway. It was a small 16th Century Fort
built by Mallabairegowda in 1501

He was my Guide in the Fort. Loved his Passion towards his work which many of the Govt.
Employees lack in India. He sounded so excited in explaining the History behind this massive
structure. We went on with our talks for about an hour or so. Got to know a lot about our
Kings, Wars and Forts which I could relate to our History Text Books in our high schools.

The Carvings were very neat and clean. Although 50% of it was damaged, it still shows
the class and precision that was followed way back in the 16th century.

This is one of the 7 Temples inside the Fort (there are 2 exits). It was a pleasure to
watch the colorful sculptures. Stood there lost for a while and imagined the time and effort
that went into these sculptures.The beauty is doubled, when the Sun rays are on them
during dawn and dusk.

I was invited home for a cup of tea and snack by the gaurd,spent some time with them,
if not wealth,they were rich with love and happiness. Had always read about
‘Athithi Devo Bhava", got to know from them, what that phrase really meant.

Finally it was 4 in the evening, never realized, wish i could stop the clock from ticking.
It took over 8 hours and 250kms.

Thanks to YAMAHA for getting this bike to the Indian Market. It may not do the 150’s and
160’s like an Enfield, but the initial torque/pick with 132cc Displacement is something even
the Enfields and Yezdies failed to give us. That is exactly why these bikes are still preferred
for the local drag races. And once the Engine is heated, you get the push and pull feel that
a jet engine provides you when the plane takes off..!!! You cannot call yourself a complete
rider unless you have experienced the Unique Power and Pleasure of this 2 Stroke bike.

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Poovanna KS
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Re: A Sunday Solo Ride.

Postby dempsy » Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:32 am

That's a lovely ride and write up Poovanna! Bike looks killer ;) Very neatly maintained ;)

Nights wane, Days fade, Horizons grow wider...
All that remains in this lonely world...
The Wind... the Road... and the Rider...!!!
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Re: A Sunday Solo Ride.

Postby RenuKumar » Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:09 am

Greatly put up Poovanna :-)

Amazing experience. Looking forward to hear more from you... we'll ride together sometime.
Faster, Faster, until the speed fo THRILL overcomes the fear of death!!
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Re: A Sunday Solo Ride.

Postby Peppin » Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:12 am

very inspiring tour report only worry is, lonely places and the safety of the rider and mugging issues.. riding is enjoyable...
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Re: A Sunday Solo Ride.

Postby Poovanna KS » Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:23 am

@Dempsy: Thank you for the compliment. And yeah, that's well maintained as most of my Sunday' are dedicated for it.
@Renu: Thank you. Looking forward to ride with you soon.
@Peppin: Thank you. Mugging in the daylight is pretty rare, doesn't happen in Bangalore atleast..!

Poovanna KS
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Joined: Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:37 am

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