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Breaking Life's Monotony!! A TRIP TO NAGARHOLE FORESTS

Any thing that excited you..!!!Only Yamahas, cars and Suvs allowed!!

Breaking Life's Monotony!! A TRIP TO NAGARHOLE FORESTS

Postby Peppin » Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:42 am

Gone are those beautiful days where we struggled to find telephones,watching dilip vengsarkar batting in Doordarshan Tv, Noisy bajaj shooters,empty roads,silly street games,paper greeting cards,fishing in dirty waters...

Today we see dense concrete buildings,pollution,messy traffic,water problem,constant notifications of mobile phones,face book,Anna hazare corruption fight,more money,more expenses, and more work pressure.. modern life brought all these calamities upon us..

Just to ease all these modern life style,Me and my friend were discussing wildlife and reserve forests,adventure trekking. . every time, we do a fake plan of going there.its like something we keep planning..

Thanks to modern life commitments.But the talk and planning gives enough kicks every we keep planning and dropping it..

sometimes we plan for hours together,and don't remember any of it in the next day..!

But this time,we did not plan,just moved out of Bangalore with a short notice to employers/employees and family.

And did not know where we are going,where would stay and with jeans and semi formal attaire, we were driving to somewhere to see tigers..

The roads led to a place called Nagerhole and its surroundings..thus it all begun..
since they close the gate of the forest route at 6 pm,we were hurrying up in a superb Toyota fortuner.

on our unplanned way,we had a mango stop..had some mangos and started moving..


Reached the entry and thus we begun our forest was beginning of the sunset and we started spotting deers...its like how you see dogs in Bangalore,that often you see deers in that route!
though it was a lonely forest with beetle sounds all around,the rock solid vehicle instilled a great confidence in us.

we were driving... expecting a tiger..! there were wild elephants,but busy breaking some tree trunks..we were slowly moving...and spotted wild pigs.. a rare sight indeed..!

You would be driving in somewhere middle of the forest in a clean road that was drenched in rain...

our eyes were so cool and filled with lush green and the rain keeps drizziling...

attimes we saw tribal hutments and wondered how they live among wildlife..! Imagine how it would be like sleeping with the sounds of wild elephants and roaring of tigers..!

Though safety was an issue,but i would happily move there,if they give me a small house elevated 25 feet with pillars!!!

it was a long drive and we got to see government homestays that were abandoned and had a deserted look.Thanks to the judges of supreme court.Now you no longer can go for safari,neither stay in forest...its all banned...


Though my friend was happy with the judges,i differ from him..

my take is..human beings do not nessarily want to encroach wild guys,but because of population increases,some issues are bound to happen,and that are inevitable.

we exited the dense forest and from 13 km away reached a place called kutta.and the time was around 8 pm..another intense search for home stays out of the forest bountry.

we actually wanted to stay in the forest,though there was a ban,we tried with a security guard asking him to take us to his forest home by adopting us relatives ..we used all known indian languages just to awake any emotional feelings!..but he was adament..

The answer from all outside forest homestays are the same...'No place'.but there was a ray of hope when some one said,place is available but no food..Happened to be a coorg homestay newly built..

we were asking him that, if we buy raw veggies and chicken, can he cook and give us?..

Homestay owner said fine..thus we started venturing into the pitch dark looking for the raw veggies and chickens...Lo..we drove here and there in different rainy, muddy circumstances and got a loads of veggies from some remote villages..i simply fell in love with that cabbages...lovely...!!

And we moved in that accomadation,which was also in deep place nearer to the forest estate.and the guy warned us of black panthers..and he said that,in night they come and mesmerize dogs and kills..and i was listening this at mid night,so started planning some defensive idea of fire camp.

Our dinner was served in a tent kind of arrangement outside with firewoods burning in the middle,for some safety,i had one big wooden rod,just incase panther tries to hypnotize me...i can teach a lesson to it.

our sleep was tight..with no idea, we had a life threatning story awaited for us next morning..

I tried to wake my friend in the early morning...but he was not getting up...i did not want to go alone outside since panther is the last thing i want to deal with..

He finally got ready and it was some 9.30 am.
The home stay guide came to us for breakfast..same tent,nice breakfast. friend said,Toyota fortuner is an offroading vehicle,let us go offroading..

I was a middle class poor guy,had absolutely no idea what that offroading actually usual,jumped in the passenger seat,thought of another green trip...
Man...the path my friend took is a pile of mud..i was okay because there were trees around...suddenly..there was no trees..and we were in the place all around was deep slide...around the vehicle just 2 feet margin, and i was thinking the panther would be far more better choice.

To make things worst,this was my friends first off roading...and, he,at places gliding in the mud and a small mistake could be fatal..we would rock and roll...

at one place, his super tooper all mighty fortuner got stuck in the mud deeply, and no amount of trying helped us getting out..and all these drama in a deadly slope and deep down i could see a water body waiting to engulf us...

The moment he tried to accelerate the vechicle, it glides towords slope..we switched off the engine, then started again,it again slipping...when my friend asked me to search for the manuel...crazy!!! i was the middle of the cliff..looking for the manuel..?

Seriously i thought of jumping out the car..but remembered the" two friends and the bear "story of my elementry school..Friend inneed is the friend indeed..So just was calculating how my damage would be in the event of fortuners unfortunate roll..

inch by inch literally!! we made progress and in a greater unbelief,he came out of that pit..Wow..Now, How do we get back..?

My friend...who felt glorious after that adventure,immediately asked us including the guide for one more attempt...This time,he said that,we can comfortably trust him because his privious attempt had taught him right driving skills...!atleast i can remember the "bear story" once again,but why would that poor guide?! as expected,he politely excused and said he has hundred other important jobs before being departed...
I was convincing my friend that,lets return to kerala side,we may find better offroading to attempt..let us move...

He agreed.
Thus we started our home back journey! coorg is behind us...

Took a right turn that takes us vayanad road.
This route is nothing but the kerala side of Nagarhole forest...but unfortunately no wildlife but some monkeys here and there..probably,i thought, like malayalis,they too would have gone to dubai...!!

the route was very green and unlike karnataka part of Nagarhole,this one was unprotected and at one point we saw a billboard announced a wild life safari..!!! I was quantom leaped and started moving that direction and found their forest office and the ticket counters been closed.

The security Guard said,because of Onam festival the safari been stopped for some time!!
My friend started laughing,trying to explain him that it was not Onam that safari is been stopped but some supreme court judgement..

Again as usual we tried to corrupt him but he was not budging and said his oohfficer..(read..officer) would question him..and his oohfficer will not allow Fortuner but normal jeep will do.

Since we know the cause of safari ban,we do not want to communicate any further and started moving..


At one point,we got the karnataka border and the roads were non existing BC Roads..

After some long driving to wherever we wanted,we reached Mysore..i have taken the palace arch snap for rememberence...but for my friend,the great rememberence is that the onlookers who saw his vehicle with disbelief...!

The muds splashed all over from his alexandarous offroading..children laughed and pointed out our car to their parents,every time this happened,my friend was feeling like tippu sultan!!

The bangalore Mysore highway is a worst traffic laden route i suppose..full of cars and two wheelers..

Sofar i was a yamaha fan but since i saw a Tvs which pulled an entire joint family in that mysore route, i have changed loyalities..Man... one baby was hanging around the headlight,another one was in the tank,behind one baby was sandwitched with his mother who was clinging somewhere in the pillion...except that Tvs driver,all were sleeping also..good heavens..!!!
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Re: Breaking Life's Monotony!!

Postby Poovanna KS » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:34 am

This section would be interesting for sure. Nice write up and pictures Peppin, awaiting the 2nd part.

Poovanna KS
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Re: Breaking Life's Monotony!!

Postby RenuKumar » Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:30 am

In the USA, Toyota has teamed up with Yamaha to sponsor the Motocross Racing.... In India, we have a great off-roading drive through the beautiful and enchanting Coorg on the Toyota Fortuner....

Great pics and great details!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot Peppin for the wonderful pictures :-)
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Re: Breaking Life's Monotony!!

Postby dempsy » Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:36 am

Amazing story :)

I would love to do this again sometime cos last time I did this route, I was returning back from ma Ooty and Kodai trip :)
Lovely pics!!!

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Re: Breaking Life's Monotony!!

Postby Shubbu » Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:27 am

Stunning images. Really really adventurous. Can't js get any better. 8-)
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